New day! New Goals!!!

Everybody is talking about setting the goalsπŸ™„πŸ™„ I wonder!! Each one of us have been hearing these words since childhood, to set some goals in your life. Whether it’s a very tiny goal, small goal or a big one..

I really don’t believe that people get serious in setting their true goals. The question is do they really know what they want?? They have good jobs, good business, happy family, still are looking for something more, but unsure of what they want?? Just looking for a change. What is that change hardly anybody knows. They keep on following many people..For few months, they feel a particular person will change their lives, the moment they see no results coming up, they change their mentors…then keep on switching mentors ..who claim to change millions lives if anyone listens to what they follow. Each one of us are different.. indeed, we need guidance and the right path. But the irony is first we need to take action to change our prove the world, that Yes it’s possible. But this does not happen in one day or few months…It takes months and be able to show, Yes, we can!! Changing mentors, changing influencers will not help. It’s you only who can change yourself. Listen and follow one mentor and do what your heart says is right for you. Blindly following different persons bad joining the rat race will confuse you more.

Back to writing your goals and affirmations. Write them but not for the sake of writing. Feel those lines, experience them and put in more than 100% to achieve them.

So start this new day with a fresh mind, strong determination and with yourself. All the best!! Happy new day and moment to you!! 😊😊



Better and Better

Smile always

Stay Positive


πŸ™‹Good old days to Cherish!😊 Where is New generation heading to.. πŸ™„

I was just sitting on my sofa and watching my kids. They don’t have time for us at all. They are on their own world, somehow busy with their phones, headphones, own stuffs, sometimes doing nothing, yet busy. When we tell them to do something they are tired.

I am getting nostalgic!!

This reminds me of our own childhood days!! We were also busy in our own world but the moment the parents asked us to do something, we would do it happily. At that time these new gadgets, so many TV channels we’re not there. Only Dordarshan. I remember we all used to gather and sit in a room at 9 am Sunday morning to watch Ramayana. We used to wait every Wednesday for Chitrahar at 8 pm.

If there was load shedding and important cricket match going on, everywhere radios would be turned on. Those were the golden days. We are really blessed to have been born in that era.

We used to buy new clothes only on special occasions like Birthdays and Festivals. We had to use a single school bag, pencil box the whole year. If in good condition, we used them next year as well. Going out for lunch or dinner, movies or for shopping were like special days for us. Playing board games at home was our favourite past times.

Talking over the phone was expensive and used only when required. Whatever mother used to give in the tiffin box, we loved them. Never ever questioned her. We studied in candle lights, even during the board exams. AC was meant only for the rich people. Middle class couldn’t afford it.

I still remember the Kho kho, chain chain, icecream soda, lock and key, games and small pleasures in having those orange and ice cream sticks..Where are those days!! We valued each and everything in life at that time.

Now there is a problem of plenty. World has become a small place and brought everyone closer. People have lots and lots of options to choose between. Be it clothes, malls, food, movie halls, accessories, mobile phones, bags, almost everything. The whole year round, even if we buy things then also there remains a need to buy more. Variety of food is available and people don’t like home made food now.

People do not meet, they talk through video calls or over the phones. Shopping is also done online, no need to go out. Food can be ordered whenever required. Everything can be ordered by a click of a button.

No doubt technology has advanced a lot. But with this advancement, the fact is that people have gone far away from each other. No Connect, only, a huge list of Contacts and followers everywhere. No true friends to pour your heart out. Virtual friends!!!

Children nowadays cannot bear even half a minute of sweat during loadsheddings. They panic for almost everything even if they have or not. Almirahs are overloaded with clothes, shoes, bags,but still they are not satisfied. When parents talk to them they get irritated easily. Today everyone is confused!!! They seek happiness and peace but don’t realise that they themselves are creating an environment of unhappiness and chaos. So many TV channels, mobile apps, movies on every platform, web series, so many educational centres, so much of competition. All these are not taking them in a right direction.

Educational institutions have become like a Private Limited company, minting money, not interested in educating children. Previously in every schools there used to maximum 4 sections for each Class of maximum 35 students. Nowadays it has gone up around 18 to 20 sections for each class of maximum 50 students. How do they montior child’s progress???

Confused, irritated, frustrated generation vents out their feelings of aggression on their teachers, parents. They tend to lose interest in studies. Some do turn out to be brilliant students but nobody is unaffected by social media around.

They start balming everything and start living in an illusionary world of Binge watching, finding solace in that with headphones on their ears everytime!! All the outdoor and indoor games are now found in mobile phones applications stores.

Not mocking anything, but just wondering where the world is heading to…

I feel really blessed to have spent time and lived each and every moment of life with families and friends without any dependency on social media.

Lots of positive things as well for the current generation! Will share in the next article.πŸ‘

😊Do share your thoughts on this in the comments section below.πŸ‘‡



Stay Happy

Be positive

Better, better and better

Life- Live it, experience it!!

If you see it as a problem, then it’s a big problem!! If you believe you can’t- You are right!!😊

If you see it as a bliss then enjoy it!! If you believe, you can- You are right!! 😊

It depends on the way to perceive or see something.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rose-1.png

Life is like a pot of rose plant, where in we can see beautiful flowers amidst the thousands of thorny stems. These thorns represents the pain, challenges, sufferings that inflict on each and every individual at some point of time. Flowers teaches how to live with them and smile and shine always!!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is colour-pallete.png

Life is like a colour pallette, when you take colours on it, gradually the colours mix with each other and turns into new colours. This includes all shades of colours some blackish depicting pain and sorrow, some red, orange, yellow reflecting warmth, energy while some radiates cool and calm attitude like blue and green. There are innumerable colours of life emanating various emotions and feelings.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is zoo.png

Life is like a zoo, wherein live animals of all kinds and nature. Some are ferocious and some are very quiet and friendly. These animals represents different kinds of behaviors of human beings. Their reactions and responses and how do they display in life.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is river.png

Life is like a river, wherein the water constantly flowing. Whether there is a high or steep mountains or low plains or undulating land, reflecting the fact that life moves on despite any kind of disturbances or turbulence. Each teach us the lesson of moving ahead whatever may be. It quenches the thirst and answers many questions of life.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is roads.png

Life is like roads full of vehicles of all kinds passing by as if they have taken a part in a race. There are sounds, buzz, whistling, traffic jam, rough cement and concrete patches, pot holes during the rainy season, bumpers, accidents, loud music and all kinds of hustles bustles. Some parts of the roads are lonely, unexplored, very few vehicles pass by, some are very muddy, mushy and some very smooth like highways. Some roads have dead ends, while others lead to sea, mountains, concrete jungle. Like roads life has its own ups and downs, noises, plainsas well as rough patches.

More insights on life in my upcoming book “You” Unplugged



Stay positive

Stay happy

Smile always!

Better, Better and Better

Quest for a successful life!

What future holds for me! Unsure about the future!!

Sitting with blank eyes in my room!! Strolling here and there without any reason. Almost looking nowhere and asking questions revolving around only one thing – My Future!! What next? and How?

Was the career decision taken by me correct? Did I do the right thing? Will I be able to stay whole day long at home after working for almost 15 years. Am I wasting my time?

Then the answer comes from inside just “Believe in yourself“. You deserve this ME time. Do whatever you want to do. Do not feel guilty of not earning anything. You are earning happiness, joyful moments, able to do what you have always wanted, able to introspect ! You are doing lots of things to upgrade yourself. You are just awesome!!

The answers to my apprehension helped me in recollecting my thoughts and felt a little better.

I know I am 40 +, I have had a very good life Why should I worry about my future? It’s not about money, family, relationships, friends, it’s only about ME now. I wanna achieve something and fulfill my dream of being famous one day. To appear in Tedx and Josh talks. To be known for good things, good wife,good mother and a very positive person.

I know it’s a long and tough way to go to achieve more great things in my life. I am determined to change the course of my life for good. Nothing can stop me. It might take time, but I will do something in my life for which everybody will be proud of me. I want to be an example for everyone so that they would be ready to accept the risk atleast once in their lifetime, as I have taken.

I don’t know what future holds for me but I can visualise something big, really grand waiting for me. Just need to focus and endeavour to move ahead to live in that moment and make it a part of my life.

This is my promise to myself. Yes, my family, friends, and whosever have been a part of my life also play an important role in my journey. Need all of yours’ blessings and moral support in my quest for a successful and fulfilled life.

Roads are full of pebbles and stones, but I am sure my destination is beautiful

I know I will cross all the hurdles happily to achieve what I want and be successful.


#Be Positive

#smile Always

#Better Better and Better

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